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What Does Our Window Cleaning Service Include?

Inside & Outside: When people think of professional window cleaning in NH, they often only think of outdoors. Indoor windows collect dust, grease and steam from cooking, fingerprints from curious children, and nose prints from curious pets! Outdoor cleaning is only part of the job! To get the most from your window cleaning, it’s best to have both inside and outside cleaned.

Storm Windows: Cleaning storm windows can be a very tricky job, especailly if the windows have aged and have not been removed in year. Here at Up Country Property Services, we understand the value of your storm window and we will work diligently to clean them with proper care.

Screens Cleaned: Maintaining clean window screens helps them to have  longer life and see outdoors with ease. Window screens should be cleaned at the beginning and end of every season. You may be amazed by how transparent your window screens can actually be after they have been properly cleaned.

Sills & Frames: It is important that the windows sills and frames do not get forgotten during cleaning. Over time, the tracks that your windows slide along will become filled with dust and debris, making it difficult to open and close smoothly. Our professional window cleaners will remove the dirt and build up from the tracks during your cleaning.

Our story begins over 15 years ago when Stephanie began cleaning for a few local families. In 2010, after moving her family to the Carroll County area, business began growing rapidly and her vision for the company grew as well. Formerly named Have It Maid Cleaning Services, we changed our name in 2015 to Up Country Property Services, added a partner, grew our team, and expanded the list of services offered.

We Provide Flat Rates Without Hidden Fees

We pride ourselves on providing value along with fair pricing. All units are priced according to square footage and guest count.Our flat rate pricing means you know what each cleaning will be and can price your cleaning fee accordingly in the appropriate rental portal.

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